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9 Free Online Content Marketing Course

If you want to utilize content marketing to attract and grow your audience, you must be well-versed in the subject. These days, online content marketing is a buzzword.

If you don’t have a large marketing budget, this is the most excellent marketing strategy for boosting brand awareness and obtaining traffic that converts.

Let’s look at six free writing courses that can help you become a great content marketer.

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HubSpot – Content Marketing Certification Course

If you want to become a qualified content marketer, you should consider taking this course. It demonstrates how to develop a scalable online content marketing plan for your company that will assist you in converting visitors into buyers and customers.

The course covers every element of online content marketing, including content strategy, production, repurposing, promotion, and analytics. Aside from studying, you may also assess your skill set by completing a 60-question test.

Multiple Courses – SkillShare

SkillShare is a website that offers thousands of courses on a wide range of subjects. There are several highlighted courses from well-known content marketers and producers.

It is feasible to attend several courses and then develop an expert market strategy to use what you’ve learned. Certain marketing courses will teach you specifics such as producing content or building SEO keywords.

You may also enroll in more comprehensive courses to acquire a solid understanding of content marketing. After you’ve completed the introductory courses, you’ll be able to choose specialized techniques to help you fine-tune your abilities.

Begin using SkillShare right now!

Content Marketing and Certification – Emarketing Institute

Emarketing Institute is creating an online course that anybody may take by just creating an account.

You’ll get complete access to a 161-page marketing booklet, as well as the opportunity to take the online content marketing course and earn certification upon completion.

This course is intended for beginners, but it is also helpful for people who need a refresher course. After completing the course, you may take an exam and get a certificate that will look great on your CV!

Content Writing Certification – Udemy

Shani Raja is a well-known instructor for this next top-rated course. Raja used to work for the Wall Street Journal and has since chosen to offer a free content marketing lesson on Udemy.

His program has taught over 34,000 people how to liven up their boring content marketing. The primary attraction of the program is that it demonstrates how to improve your online marketing content by following the four degrees of writing expertise.

What exactly are these four strange levels? We won’t spill any facts here, but you can always join Guru on Udemy to find out!

Coursera – The Strategy of Content Marketing

The Strategy of online content marketing is a course created by the University of California. However, it is open to the public and free to take!

This program’s primary advantage is that it includes comprehensive content marketing courses that teach entrepreneurs how to attract and retain consumers via engaging content, improve exposure through social media, and increase conversions through appealing marketing that delivers results.

With a hands-on tutorial after the course, you’ll discover how to use what you’ve learned on your company site. If you’re searching for a college-style education, look no further!

Quick Sprout University

Quick Sprout University is another free marketing course worth considering. They enable you to take their course without registering for a mailing list or creating an account, which some see as a significant advantage.

When you go to the lesson page, you’ll find a collection of videos organized by category. Online content marketing and social media management are among the topics covered in the courses.

You’ll find a plethora of videos organized by difficulty under the content marketing category. You may begin with their beginning classes, then progress to their intermediate courses, and ultimately to their advanced systems.

Ahref’s Blogging for Business

Ahref provides ten free lessons that show you how to increase your blog’s (or website’s) monthly visits and convert them into paying clients. Tutorials include.

The cumulative impact of online content marketing, analyzing the traffic potential of a term, developing content ideas, and optimizing articles.

The training is available as modules on Ahref’s website or as a video series on YouTube.


If you have a library card, you may use to access a variety of resources. This LinkedIn-supported platform provides classes on a range of business subjects such as software development, design, and web development.

Lynda‘s content marketing courses cover, among other things, content marketing for social media, content marketing fundamentals, and how to enhance SEO for your website.

Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage is the first free course you should look into. This course is a component of Google’s “Grow with Google” program.

There are 26 courses available for you to finish. Topics include “Your First Steps in Online Success,” “Getting Started with Content Marketing,” and “Turn Data into Insights.”

Google Digital Drive allows you to take all of the courses at your speed and in whatever sequence you choose. You will be able to take the courses you desire initially and postpone the others.

You will get a certificate of completion after you have completed all of the courses. You will be able to include this certificate on your CV, which will allow you to highlight your abilities.



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