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Canva Premium Account Free 2021 | Canva Pro Free Account

Canvas premium free: Looking for the Canva Pro free account? Here is where we can help you obtain the Canva free account for free. Follow the steps below in each step, and you’ll have the account in moments. Don’t forget to check out the free best canvas alternative. Canva is offering a free premium lifetime account. We provide two techniques for the Canva Pro free account to build purpose; the information is presented for reference. Create an account in one of two ways: with or without Edu mail.

Canva Premium free membership allows us to create an infinite number of image and video designs for basics in the digital content domains and any royalty-free image design. Canva Pro is one of the greatest online tools. However, many of them are seeking the cheapest Canva pro.

Canva pro account free is a popular source for both image and video production. Account setup requires an Edu email address and is valid for a lifetime.

Canva Premium Free

Canva Pro Free Account
Canva Pro Free Account

There are four viable options for obtaining the Pro account at Method 1, a free lifetime pro account with a single signup procedure, whereas method 2 is a monthly charge. In addition, method 1 is recommended for a lifetime account, whereas Method 3 is good for 30 days.

Canva premium accounts are available for free via the four options listed below;

Can Enterprise Trail Method with Education Email Account without Education Email Account

Download Canva Premium APK for Free

Method 1: Using an Email Account

If you already have a Working Edu mail account, you will have a better chance of receiving the Canva Premium free within minutes.

Go to and sign up for an account using your Edu email address.

During the Signup procedure, you must choose “Teacher” from a list of six alternatives.

Canva then sends a “Verification Email.”

Check your Edu mail for the Canva verification email, and then follow the screen steps.

It would help if you dismissed the tab after the email verification was complete.

Next, navigate to the website.

When you click the “Canva for Education Free” button, it instantly changes to a pro account.

Access the Canva Pro premium account subscription now.

Today’s Canva Pro Video Tutorial

Method 2: Canva Pro Account Free without an Edu mail Account

We have another approach in which the Canva premium free account is created without using an Edu email address; please see the steps below.

Navigate to the official website.

Create an account using a regular email address.

When you’ve finished signing up, proceed to the “Trail Account Link.” And then click the “Try it free for 30 days” button.

It is now redirected to the Payment Page.

Use the “Card – Generator” credit card or debit card data for payment card details.

Following submission, the account will be upgraded to Canva Pro.

If you want additional 30 days, repeat the same procedures and sign up for the pro trial account.

Method 3: Create a Canva Enterprise Account

If you want to acquire a Canva Enterprise account instead of a Pro account, the third way will let you get a free Enterprise account by following the guidelines below.

Visit and sign up with any email address.

After completing the signup procedure, navigate to “Account Settings.”

Navigate to the “Billing” tab in the Account Settings menu and then to the below.

Click on the Canva Enterprise Account Trail for 30 Days banner in the section below.

The website then goes to the Payment Options section.

For payment information, go to the “NamsoGen” website and enter the BIN code: 527253462088xxxx to create credit card information.

Then choose any credit card information and enter it into your Canva account.

After that, you may get a free 30-day Enterprise account.

Repeat the following methods after 30 days to receive another 30 days account.

Video Tutorial

Canva Premium with APK File (Method 4)

If you are looking for a free Canva pro account for mobile, then this technique can assist you. But, first, download the Canva APK file and use the premium features included in this APK file.

Canva Premium APK is available for free download.


If you didn’t get a premium account using the aforementioned technique, try the Canva alternative: utilize the pro account instead of the regular Canva account. When compared to the basic account, the Pro account offers many more features. If you still have questions, please utilize the comments area below to answer blogging days team members.

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How can I acquire a free Canva premium account?

Use any way to obtain a free Canva premium account.

I have an Enterprise account; how long will it be active?

It is only valid for 30 days for Enterprise accounts.

What is the validity of a Canva Pro account with an Edu email address?

Validity for a lifetime

How to Get a Free Canva Pro Account with an Edu Email?

To make an account, you must have an Edu email address.

Is it feasible to get a premium free account in Canva?

Yes, you may get it using the manner described above.

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