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7 Best Website Copywriting Examples

When I write an advertisement, I don’t want you to tell me that you find it ‘creative.’ I want you to find it so interesting that you buy the product.  

David Ogilvy

businesses need good website copywriting examples because good marketing is challenging. Excellent copywriting is very hard.

That’s why freelance copywriter maintains a swipe file – a collection of tried-and-true copy samples to inspire them when writer’s block strikes.

In this article, you’ll receive seven website copywriting examples of copywriter website templates to add to your swipe file – and understand why each one performs so well.

Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes it’s an ad.” – Howard Gossage.

Keep reading for great copy samples from:

Make them curious (Moz)

website copywriting examples


This compelling headline from Moz utilizes one of George’s Different variables five principles of generating curiosity: Imply you know something your audience doesn’t (but wants to!). these website copywriting examples are very helpful to learn and earn.

Moz understands a better way to conduct SEO search engines. And if I click on that “Try Moz Pro includes free” button, I’m going to find out what it is.

Under the headline, Moz gives you its value proposition without a ton of vocabulary. Every SEO team aims to improve traffic, rankings, and exposure.

Once the title and writing catch me, this website copywriting examples accomplishes two different things well:

Minimizes friction with a large, unambiguous CTA button

Addresses probable questions without you having to ask (Will this be unpleasant to cancel? How much does it cost?)

Edgy humour (Ricola)


website copywriting examples


In 2014, Ricola website copywriting examples launched a series of advertisements featuring illustrations of how a misplaced cough might destroy the meaning of a phrase. This ad is:

Funny — particularly for a profession that can sometimes be dull and technical

Slightly edgy (without being offensive) (without being gross)

Relatable \sSimple \sMemorable

The ad also displays the product — without attempting to convince the reader that Ricola produces the most delicate cough drops. Instead, it mixes the picture of recognized product packaging with memorable text. The goal? To keep Ricola top-of-mind the next time someone buys cough drops.

“For customers, usually the main advantage of remembering Distinctive Assets is frequently utilitarian: to assist that individual to locate the brand with ease when a future need, when that brand voice might be the solution, arises.” — Jenni Romaniuk,

Building Distinctive Brand Assets.

Including the packaging (and keeping the same colour scheme throughout the ad) helps customers identify the brand while they’re in the store searching for cough drops.

Specificity and detail (Rolls-Royce)

website copywriting examples


David Ogilvy wrote this commercial in 1958. Why is it still generally regarded as one of the most significant headlines website copywriting examples of all time?

Detail and images. The headline might read, “The new Rolls-Royce is a very quiet car.” But the title Ogilvy selected — taken straight from the Technical Editor’s write-up in The Motor — gives readers a sensory experience.

The body text provides even more details: “For example, the engineers use a stethoscope to listen for axle-whine.”

“This vehicle is quiet” is a claim that the reader may choose to accept or not believe. But if you state, “we used a stethoscope to listen for axle-whine,” how can your reader not think the vehicle is quiet?

You can almost feel the calm and quiet that comes with driving this vehicle. (And in post-war America, peace, quiet, and luxury were all qualities that the upper class — the ad’s target — desired.)

The lesson: letting the consumer create an image in their head immerses them in the ad and makes your product more remembered.

“In my Rolls-Royce advertisements, I gave nothing but facts. No adjectives, no ‘gracious living.'” – David Ogilvy

Know your customer’s pain points — and how you solve them (Basecamp)

website copywriting examples


There’s a reason Basecamp is renowned for its website copywriting examples and sales copy. They use clear, straightforward, conversational language – the same sort of language that consumers use when discussing and thinking about their company.

This text follows a classic copywriting formula: PAS, or Problem, Agitation, Solution. PAS works like this:

Problem: Spell out your customer’s pain issue. Here, the pain point is disarray. Basecamp utilizes colourful language in the “Before Website Copywriting Examples Basecamp” section to demonstrate that they grasp what’s happening inside customers’ minds.

Agitation: Twist the proverbial knife by making your piece of content more dynamic. Before you provide a light at the end of the tunnel – your product — make your reader desire it even more. Basecamp stresses how unpleasant it is not to have project management in place.

Solution: You finally get to offer the cure to your customers and clients’ suffering! You can practically feel the relaxation and” sense of calm” via the words Basecamp employs in the “After Basecamp” section.

“To use PAS when writing your copy, you simply start with the problem. Then poke at that problem so your reader can’t help but feel it. Then, when they’re itching for relief, present the solution.” 

– Joanna Wiebe

Bonus email copywriting example: Re-activation (Dollar Shave Club)

website copywriting examples

This wingback email from Dollar Shave Club is… brilliant.

DSC’s email marketing wins for three reasons:

Segmentation: This email does not go out to their whole email list. It gets out, automatically, to cancelled subscribers.

Email subject line – “Have you been seeing someone else?” If I see it in my email, I’m certainly going to open it.

Body website copywriting examples – The body copy (and images) pushes so firmly towards what a DTC membership truly is: a connection. It’s not your average marketing email.

As Dollar Shave Club continues to expand, their investment into their emails will continue to serve as great copywriting examples. Sign up for their email list and watch their email marketing efforts, particularly their promotional mailings.

No-B.S. copy (RXBar)

website copywriting examples


With website copywriting examples RXBar, you know precisely what you’re receiving. Their brand emphasizes openness and simplicity – the same thing their target consumers appreciate.

Health-conscious consumers want to know exactly what they’re consuming, so RXBar provides it to them front-and-centre on their package.

A lot of times, you’ll hear marketers speak about emphasizing benefits instead of features. RXBar goes against this notion – their package lists features.

But in a market filled with processed goods and unpronounceable components, the benefits are essential, easy-to-pronounce, healthy nutrients.

Professional copywriters website copywriting examples always focus on benefits.

“Motivation comes from inside and drives action. It’s not something you can make with your copy. Instead, the best your copy can do is tap into what’s motivating your consumers and link their drive with your solution.” — Jen Havice, Finding the Right Message.

RXBar utilizes the bar’s characteristics – its ingredients — to connect with its audience’s motivation.

Copy so convincing that it taught the world to brush their teeth (Pepsodent)

website copywriting examples


Before Claude Hopkins wrote this copy in 1929, Pepsodent toothpaste wasn’t selling much.


Because just 7 per cent of individuals cleaned their teeth. 

Hopkins wanted to make it through to the toughest to reach audience: “Unaware” individuals.

You need to employ various methods to treat pain issues based on your audience’s degree of awareness:

Unaware \sPain Aware \sSolution Aware \sProduct Aware \sMost Aware

With an uninformed audience, Hopkins couldn’t simply speak about the advantages of toothpaste. No one realized they even needed toothpaste.

The all website copywriting examples purpose is clear to attract attention, Hopkins wrote about the “film” on your teeth.

If you run your tongue over your teeth, you can feel it immediately away – and that’s precisely what people do after reading this ad.

This clever copy:

Got people’s attention

Made them aware of an issue they didn’t realize they had

Offered them a remedy to the problem \sAnd it worked: According to The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, 65 per cent of the population cleaned their teeth (with Pepsodent!) within a decade after the promotion.


If you want to learn online courses, then you have to social proof for potential customers. There is outstanding website copywriting examples to deliver an excellent job. 

these are the best website examples for the best copywriter who want to learn something unique so then you need to learn from these websites.



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